Advanced Chrome
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For Windows (2000, XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8)
Version 48.0.2564.0
15 - Jan - 2016
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15 - Jan - 2016 .- Updated code to version 48.0.2564.0

  • New PDF Viewer.
  • Better NPAPI Plugins handling, Java works better (use "User-Agent Switcher" extension and change it to FireFox, some sites already blocked Chrome user agent)
  • Small Fixes.
  • Netflix can be run on HTML5 or Silverlight depending on user agent (you can download "User-Agent Switcher" extension).
  • Removed NPAPI annoying infobar.

Why Advanced Chrome?

Google Chrome is the best browser but these problems are very annoying:
  • Google Chrome saves all downloads into the same folder including all files that you just wanted to check quickly, you do not have the option to just open the file and it must be saved into downloads folder creating a huge mess.
  • Google Chrome shows minimum information about your downloads, hard to check download speed.
  • Google Chrome SSL warnings disable passwords autocomplete.
  • Google Chrome removed NPAPI support.

Features of Advanced Chrome Web Browser:


  • Allows to open, save or discard downloads.
  • Downloads show realtime speed.
  • Integrated Flash Player.
  • Enabled NPAPI Plugins, this version can run Java.
  • Browser address bar show full URLs.

Download System:

  • Download Shelf that allows the following options:
    • Save: Downloads to default folder or prompts user for location.
    • Open: Downloads to temp folder and opens download when finish.
    • Discard: Cancel download.
    • Up to 999 downloads can be handled at the same time, they will stack and wait for user action.
  • Download Items with extended information:
    • Full download info including speed, time left and size (18/300MB, 3 mins, 840 KB/s).
  • New option on download context menu:
    • Hide download item.
  • Temp Folder for Downloads:
    • Allows to store downloads that are only going to be opened.
    • Located at %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Chromium\User Data\Default\Cache\Downloads
    • This folder is cleaned / deleted automatically when browser is closed.


Download Shelf with Save, Open and Discard Options with full details including Size, Speed and Time Left

Download URL & Installation:

  1. Download zip
  2. Extract to Program Files, desktop or anywhere
  3. Run chrome.exe at extracted folder

Use your current Chrome / Chromium Settings:

This is chromium build so your profile folder will be different than chrome profile.
To use your current chrome profile with this build you need to copy:

Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8:

Copy From: %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data

To: %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Chromium\User Data

Windows XP:

Copy From: C:\Documents and Settings\%USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\User Data

To: C:\Documents and Settings\%USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\Chromium\User Data



17 - Aug - 2015 .- Updated code to version 46.0.2485.0

07 - Aug - 2015 .- Updated code to version 46.0.2476.0

14 - Jul - 2015 .- Critical Update:

  • Updated code to version 46.0.2456.0
  • Updated integrated Adobe Flash Player to latest non vulnerable version
If you want to remove Adobe Flash just delete PepperFlash directory included in Advanced Chrome folder.
For more info about Adobe fiasco read this, to be on the safe side you should uninstall all Adobe products.

03 - Jul - 2015 .- Updated code to version 45.0.2448.0

06 - Apr - 2015 .- Updated code to version 43.0.2350.0

27 - Feb - 2015 .- Updated code to version 43.0.2313.0

21 - Feb - 2015 .- Updated code to version 42.0.2310.0 and changed the following:

  • Integrated Flash Player.
  • Enabled NPAPI Plugins, Advanced Chrome can run Java.
  • Enabled Password Autofill on self signed SSL sites.
Google disabled NPAPI Plugins from version 42 so you won't be able to run Java or any other plugin.
Advanced Chrome has NPAPI enabled by default and will keep enabling it for any future builds.
Sadly Google removed NPAPI support for linux from version 35, people is moving to Firefox.

16 - Feb - 2015 .- Updated code to version 42.0.2307.0 and disabled Google Chrome feature that hides "http://" from omnibox URLs, now address bar always show full URLs.

15 - Jan - 2015 .- As you may know chrome implemented different font rendering starting from version 37 making text look fuzzy or blurry.
To fix this issue you can disable DirectWrite font rendering using chrome flags:
Write chrome://flags into address bar.
Find "Disable DirectWrite Windows" and press "Enable"

14 - Jan - 2015 .- Finally managed to download the entire chromium source code and released a new fork version based on 42.0.2278.0, it includes all the improvements from previous versions and fixes.
To successfully compile chromium had to use a SSD hard disk and windows 7 with more than 8GB of RAM.
Visual Studio 2013 is very slow in many ways and this time used ninja instead, VS2013 is only good for debug.
Right now with my current setup it takes 4 hours to download the entire source code and 1 hour to build from scratch.
Re-building the code takes only 2 minutes so it is going to be easier to keep Advanced Chrome properly updated.

11 - Jun - 2014 .- More Bad News, have not been able to download the source code (full check out of chromium source) because of bogus errors with gclient, sadly the source code tarball is stuck on REV 197479 and was the fastest way to get the source code.

Tarball downloader is located at:

Downloading the source code without using the tarball takes more than 4 hours since there are millions of files that gclient downloads using GIT and finally fails.

09 - Nov - 2013 .- Bad News, download manager source code was refactored and is very different, I am trying to figure out everything so will have to start from scratch to release a new version, this is going to take while, at least current version 28.0.1495.0 is still working great here and newer code have been unstable or 'flaky'.

16 - Jul - 2013 .- Updated code to version 28.0.1495.0
Updated all the code almost without problems this time, I did not add any new feature, just upgraded all code base to latest chrome source available to get all the new stuff and bug fixes, I had problems with since someone decided to move things around but he did a great job and also the guy that works with all the download manager source files did not create a mess :D

06 - Mar - 2013 .- Updated code to version 27.0.1431.0
Chromium developers fixed browser crash when windows theme was changed, I hope they didn't added new bugs this time..

05 - Mar - 2013 .- Updated code to version 27.0.1430.0
Chromium developers fixed V8 engine and other important fixes.

26 - Feb - 2013 .- Updated code to version 27.0.1419.0

15 - Feb - 2013 .- Important!!!: had to downgrade to version 26.0.1399.0 since version 26.0.1409.0 has a lot of problems because chromium developers are releasing pure crap packed with new bugs, do not use any chrome version higher than 26.0.1399.0 until they fix all the problems (like Issue 175335 & Issue 176175)

This rebuilded version 26.0.1399.0 has the following fixes:

  • Fixed webgl text rendering.
  • Fixed password saving because was not working for google services like gmail.
  • Fixed text render for printed documents.
  • Solved the following bugs:
    • Avoided Issue 175335: Scrollbar & ComboBox Visual defects.
    • Avoided Issue 176175: Scrollbars and other UI elements have disappeared.
    • Fixed Issue 176164: Printed document text is misplaced when printing using system dialog.
    • Fixed Issue 140632: Google Chrome won't save my passwords.

10 - Feb - 2013 .- Updated version to 26.0.1409.0 that includes render updates and download shelf fixes!

08 - Feb - 2013 .- Finally finished upgrading the code, chromium developers moved a lot of code around and was really hard to make the update even knowing exactly what was needed.
Last version 22.0.1187.0 have been running very stable but decided that was time for an upgrade as many people requested it.
I really wonder why Google / Chromium developers have not yet included this features, they keep refactoring all the source code and avoid adding much needed features.