Chrome Browser & reCAPTCHA

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Chrome Browser & reCAPTCHA

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I never thought my copy of XP Pro_SP3 would be compatible with a modern Chrome browser. All I can
do is thank the authors who created this amazing custom build of Chrome!

I found you guys by accident ( after reading a few posts about browsers compatible
with XP.

Using any search engine, you can find thousands of listings about reCAPTCHA not rendering properly
with Mozilla (Gecko) based browsers. I've got three browsers built around the Gecko engine. reCAPTCHA
does not appear at all, or I see a message about switching to a supported browser.

Advanced Chrome Custom Build 54 launched quickly and smoothly for the first run. I assumed reCAPTCHA
would render perfectly since I'm using Google's browser.

A site that I've downloaded from for years recently adopted reCAPTCHA. For some reason, Custom Build 54
is not rendering reCAPTCHA, similar to my Mozilla based browsers.

Common suggestions are toggling off background processes like virus scanners, image or popup blockers,
etc. Doesn't fix the problem. I hope someone at this forum has a solution.

Thanks guys.

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Re: Chrome Browser & reCAPTCHA

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Hello Siky welcome to the forum, thanks for your comments!

The problem is that reCaptcha started using javascript functions not available on older browsers, they should send different scripts depending on browsers version but they are lazy and decided to stop supporting older browsers.

There is not much we can do, your only choice is to use a newer browser but that will need a newer OS.

Micro$oft is going to start forcing windows 7 users to upgrade to windows 10, they actually pay money to game developers to create games only compatible with windows 10, thats the way it works.

Sooner or later we all get wasted.

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