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Chromium version (latest build)

Posted: Mon Apr 08, 2019 10:29 am
by docR
I'm rather curious about something. What release channel does Advanced Chrome follow? I was skimming through update history on the homepage:
65 -> 69 and then straight to 74, which comes from developer channel afaik. Chrome 69 didn't land in stable channel til September last year iirc, Advanced Chrome had it before June.

So I guess what I'm asking is. What makes a Chromium build 'Advanced Chrome suitable'? Do you generally base releases on betas? Release history is rather sporadic in that regard.

btw love the UI improvements and crisp font rendering. Your improvements are subtle, but very hard to miss. No other Chromium fork is quite it. Many thanks ;)

Just one suggestion on the note of the UI: Perhaps you could reduce the gap between bookmarks bar items? Spacing is a bit ridiculous starting w/ 69+. Cent Browser eventually addressed this prob.

Re: Chromium version (latest build)

Posted: Tue Apr 09, 2019 9:40 am
by admin
Hello! welcome to the forum, I don't follow a specific channel, if you download latest code today it will be something like 75.x and that will be close to chrome canary, if I update advanced chrome today I will always go for latest version (even a bit newer than canary) unless there are problems or they fucked up something.

I update Advanced Chrome depending on the quality of newer versions and how much time I have or how much an improvement is needed, sometimes google developers introduce new bugs and there is no point to update.

Updated v69 straight to v74 because they changed a lot the UI after v69 and it takes time for me to fix all the stuff they have affected, also there was no point to update because v69 was working great.

Right now the "feature" they developed that hides www on the navigation bar is bugging me a LOT, the URL will show like even if the site is, if you click on the URL at first it will still be but if you click again it will show and you can't select or copy some part of the URL until www is shown, if feels nasty and this is the kind of stuff that must be fixed.

Thanks for your comments and I am glad you like what I have developed, about the gap between bookmark bar items will try to check how it can be done.

Re: Chromium version (latest build)

Posted: Tue Apr 09, 2019 11:25 am
by docR
Yeah, the interface certainly plummeted in quality after v69. I think the flags to revert it were removed in 70/71?
I was rotating between Slimjet and Cent Browser at the time. Each of them addressed the UI to a certain extent, SJ more so imo. But that browser just felt too ad-ish. I also found it a bit sketchy that neither publicize their source code. Moreover, they'd often base releases on very buggy Chromium builds too. Old releases are all archived though, so it was easy to revert and sit out and a sour release. Something I couldn't do with Chrome, which was/is my biggest gripe with it. Up until the Great UI Apocalypse, I would occasionally use builds listed here too:

Anyway, really do appreciate having a rebuild I trust won't fuck itself over. Using it full time for college here, and I've got everyone else I know running it. Tabsbar style and fonts fits Morpheon Dark like a glove. Shame I can't sync my account to Bromite on my phone tho. Google nerfed Sync on non-Chrome Chromium for Android.

Here's hoping you can get more users that aren't just XP holdouts trying to revive v.54.