Pinned shortcut bug in Portable mode

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Pinned shortcut bug in Portable mode

Post by c-sanchez »

Advanced Chrome opens multiple instances from Pinned shorcut, if we are using the Portable mode, also the pinned shortcut is separated from current Advanced Chrome (running)

In normal mode (no portable) 0:20~ we can see how is the correct behaviour of pinned shortcut with Advanced Chrome.

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Re: Pinned shortcut bug in Portable mode

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Hello! this happens also using stock google chrome using the command line custom profile feature --user-data-dir="[path to folder]" so this is a google bug, even in some cases the pinned taskbar app gets merged into one, I don't have idea how to fix this, also the method they are using to make chrome as default browser has many bugs :?

Advanced Chrome portable mode just changes the profile folder so it is the same as using the "--user-data-dir" command line, will try to see what they did wrong.

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