What was the last chrome with npapi?

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What was the last chrome with npapi?

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Out of curiosity, what is the reason it is so hard to implement npapi back to chrome is it v8?

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Re: What was the last chrome with npapi?

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It is hard because the source code is C++ and we are talking about 5,000 of lines of code related of NPAPI that they removed, a project like chromium has many dependencies and adding a simple feature is tricky and will affect many files.

Suppose that someone manages to create a NPAPI patch for latest chromium, even having a working patch will be very hard to keep updating it to newer versions, google developers keep moving a lot of code (they have a lot of developers) and you will have to rewrite the patch every month.

Updating advanced chrome is really hard, even knowing exactly what to do, the problem is that google developers will destroy whatever is working in your patch in just a few days after you finish, for every new advanced chrome version I will have to rewrite some parts of the code and it is impossible to use automated git tool to do a merge.

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