64-bit Version of Advanced Chrome?

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64-bit Version of Advanced Chrome?

Post by Axillia »

i just found about Advanced Chrome Today.

I am so thankful someone keeps the old Trapezoid Tabs alive.
I have been using Chrome 70 Builds (last official Version where they can be enabled via flag) and manually deleted Google's Auto-Updater to be able to keep them around, even had to use a User Agent Switcher, since Google logs me out of YouTube and GMail automatically if i don't.

The only thing that is missing in my opinion is the lack of 64-bit support.

I am a HEAVY mutlitasker with often over 100 tabs open, and 64-bit support would be the only thing preventing me from making this my main browser.

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Re: 64-bit Version of Advanced Chrome?

Post by admin »

Hello welcome to the forum, in my tests 64 bits version used more memory and performance was the same, I don't know what other advantages it may have but even chrome 32 bits is a memory hog.

Did you try Advanced Chrome already? I also do heavy multitasking and never had problems, it crashes on your box?

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Re: 64-bit Version of Advanced Chrome?

Post by slydog3333 »

Mine crashes every few days, sometimes multiple times in a day if I'm surfing a lot.

This started with the latest version 84.0.4115.0

I can't say if it's 32/64bit related but I am hoping a new version is coming soon :)

I've also started to notice a few websites where I have to switch to the latest version of Firefox since this version is getting old.

Thank you for the work you put in on this project.

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Re: 64-bit Version of Advanced Chrome?

Post by larryu »

Thanks for the new v89. This being your first posted x64 version if I'm not mistaken, I hope you'll still compile and post a 32-bit version as well? I share your view that it's less memory hungry, plus I still use Win 7 x86 systems and would hate to be stuck at v74.
Much obliged for your continuing Adv. Chrome custom builds.

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