Improving Advanced Chrome

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Improving Advanced Chrome

Post by XPLives »

Someone how my first post didn't go through so hopefully this time it does and with some added modifications.

This is XPLives. I'm a one of the few users who uses XP on modern computer systems. I have successfully gotten XP installed onto SkyLake and Kaby Lake systems. I also have Coffee Lake and AMD AM4 systems that I will be confirming any success on installing XP on both platforms hopefully within the next few months when I get the extra time to troubleshoot it but I have NO reason to believe for now that Coffee Lake won't work using my guide for SkyLake and Kaby Lake. ;)

Some may have seen my XP installation guide on the Win-Raid site what hardware components you will need to build a modern system with XP on it since some of the hardware is incompatible with XP thanks to Intel.

I've been extensively testing Advanced Chrome for XP to see how well it adapts to large amounts of memory via a Ramdrive.

As of late the maximum memory consumption for all my Advanced Chrome tabs/windows is 20.0GB well beyond the 3.2GB limit.

I want to improve Advanced Chrome with the admin if it is possible.

When going to the Task Manager I noticed all the Advanced Chrome processes are isolated and labeled "chrome.exe". So I'll have roughly 30 processes labeled as "chrome.exe".

When viewing how these processes are shown on the Quick Launch task bar each Chrome process is abbreviated by an Advanced Chrome Logo and a single character of the title of the tab that was last used in that process. This doesn't help me determine which "chrome.exe" process I want to end.

Two things I'd like to know if the Admin can modify to improve the interface.

#1) Task Manager instead of just "chrome.exe" for each process

I would like to see them labeled chrome.exe, chrome2.exe, chrome3.exe .... chrome 100.exe for each new consecutive process (New Tab/New Window) You get the picture.

The reason is it's hard to track down which process if it is currently lagging and can be pinpointed and ended in the Task Manager. Since Advanced Chrome separates the processes there is less chance of an error causing a cascade crash of the entire browser's full of new tabs and or new windows.

This is the "advantage" of Advanced Chrome versus FireFox which will crash the entire browser when certain things like memory constraints cap it around 1.5GB in some cases or a buggy website takes everything down or slows to a crawl forcing you to end the entire Firefox process to restart again. I've even left maybe a dozen tabs open on FireFox with just 1.0GB of RAM used and hours later when I come back the CPU is at 25% and rather frozen/sluggish requiring me to end the task and restart it. Advanced Chrome will not have this same issue if you close down an individual process that is lagging.

#2) This is connected to #1. In the Quick Launch Taskbar Windows should instead show the Advanced Chrome Icon with the number to right of the process.

For example "Advanced Chrome Icon 2", "Advanced Chrome Icon 3", "Advanced Chrome Icon 4", "Advanced Chrome Icon 5" ... "Advanced Chrome Icon 100" for every New Window opened. A Window can contain multiple tabs so closing down one of these processes will shut down a group of tabs in that New Window.

If a user made A New Window and only had one site in it then it would only shut down that one Windows with one tab inside.

When viewing this on the taskbar one can use this number to the right of the Advanced Chrome icon can be used to pinpoint which process is behaving badly and end the task in Task Manager taking the guess work out of randomly choosing a "Chrome.exe" to end which may be the incorrect process.

Let me know admin if my explanation of what I'm asking for doesn't make any sense.

I'm currently using the last XP Chrome version you released in 2017 so if you can create a secondary beta update for me to test such modifications before updating the newer versions with the same code.

I'm also interested in knowing what exactly you are doing to create this XP fork and if it is also possible for you to do the same thing to FireFox by separating each New Window into its own process rather than consolidated which causes the whole thing to crash or get unstable.

Thanks in advance for working on and maintaining this Advanced Chrome project despite heavy resistance from MicroSoft and Intel to kill anything XP related this is just a little beacon of hope. I wasn't a huge fan of Google Chrome originally since they didn't have stand alone full installations like FireFox (usually required an internet connection to install) until I started using your Advanced Chrome and seeing how well it adapts to > 3GB of Ram usage without crashing like FireFox making Advanced Chrome truly the XP savior for the internet of the future.


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Re: Improving Advanced Chrome

Post by admin »

Thanks for your kind comments, what you mention about chrome.exe is part of the process sandboxing on stock chrome/chromium

The only way to get webpage cpu status is with chrome integrated task manager, press shift+ESC or more tools > task manager.

What you see on windows task manager is a bunch of chrome.exe*32 and they are spawned from chrome.exe creating childs with some params like this:
"chrome.exe" --type=renderer --field-trial-handle=1296,17625630654864187249,8885632031950954144,131072 --service-pipe-token=74A7552F6513723AD0D4E6E8A06E66BA --lang=en-US --enable-offline-auto-reload --enable-offline-auto-reload-visible-only --blink-settings=disallowFetchForDocWrittenScriptsInMainFrame=false,disallowFetchForDocWrittenScriptsInMainFrameOnSlowConnections=true,cssExternalScannerNoPreload=false,cssExternalScannerPreload=true --enable-pinch --device-scale-factor=1 --num-raster-threads=4 --enable-main-frame-before-activation --enable-checker-imaging --enable-compositor-image-animations --content-image-texture-target=0,10;0,11;1,10;1,11 --service-request-channel-token=74A7552F6513723AD0D4E6E8A06E66BA --renderer-client-id=35 --mojo-platform-channel-handle=6880 /prefetch:1

Actually the process manager integrated into chromium is very good, you can add more columns to check even GPU usage, CPU time, memory footprint..etc just right click over the row where the column header is shown and add more columns.

Actually changing chrome.exe to label all process with chrome1.exe, chrome2.exe is not possible because they are childs of chrome.exe, thats is also the nature of the sandboxing developed into chromium, thats why they added a task manager to monitor each process.

You can have some fun if you install "Process Manager" by sysinternals and compare the info of each process reported internally at chrome, both tools will give you a lot of information about what is going on. ... s-explorer

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