Pause button for downloading is fake!

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Pause button for downloading is fake!

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I noticed that pausing downloads actually does not work. Instead downloads are completed while on pause, except not saved until resumed.
I thought this is only for non-resumable downloads, in which case it would make some sense because stoppis non-resumable would be dangerous by leading them to cancellation, but it is for all unfortunately. Confirmed via Proxifier. Another way to confirm is to begin downloading larger file and see currently downloaded size, then pause, and resume after few seconds but before finishing and you will see it suddenly increased, meaning being downloaded.

Also how to remove that annoying Save Open Cancel 3 buttons for each download? Sometimes it appears sometimes not.

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Re: Pause button for downloading is fake!

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Hi, Pause function is not a feature of Advanced Chrome, you will find is a STOCK feature of regular Google Chrome.

Already tested pause function and works properly, network transfer stops when you click PAUSE, to pause you must click on PAUSE on download menu.

While the browser asks you to SAVE, OPEN or DISCARD the file is being downloaded on background, you will see network activity at the moment you click on the link, if you DISCARD then downloaded data will be deleted, if you select OPEN or SAVE then the download will resume from current position or maybe it was downloaded already so the browser is just going to SAVE or OPEN.

This feature allows to "SAVE" time while the browser knows what to do with the download, this means download starts immediately and keeps going while download options are shown, it is not FAKE or BUG, it is called "optimization".

Actually time ago Google 'damaged' pause function, sometimes download never resumed when tried to unpause or download crashed, there have been many bugs over the time, Google quality department sucks, right now it works fine.

Advanced Chrome was developed to have download options and be able to OPEN the file without saving it permanently, it is not possible to disable or change how downloads work.

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