No sound in Porteus [Linux]

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No sound in Porteus [Linux]

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Neko did a scrip to have Advanced Chrome easily in Porteus, was reported that there is no sound in Advanced Chrome

Quoted message from porteus forum topic
"Advanced Chrome without sound" problem.

I tested it on Porteus4, Porteus5, and APorteus.
All cases have same problem.

But on only APorteus the "LANG=C /opt/advanced_chrome/chrome" execution had a sound.

By the way,
AdChrome doesn't use the library path change wrapper "/opt/advanced_chrome/google-chrome".
This wrapper introduces the path "/opt/advanced_chrome/lib".
But "/opt/advanced_chrome/lib" doesn't exist.
If "/opt/advanced_chrome/lib" were set symbolic link to "/opt/advanced_chrome/lib64",
a library dependency would be missed.
AdChrome includes the none-used routines.
You can delete "/opt/advanced_chrome/lib64" from AdChrome in order to reduce the size.


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Re: No sound in Porteus [Linux]

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Hello! this bug is probably fixed in newer chrome versions, try with the latest stock chromium for linux: ... Linux_x64/

At this time latest build is: ... 64/735165/

You can even try older builds, to pin point the exact build when it stopped working, this is chrome developers fault btw.

Try it on Porteus, if you get sound then updating advanced chrome for linux to a newer version will fix the sound problem, but if you still get no sound then it gets complicated.

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