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Update Procedure

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I just installed this browser (Chromium 84 version).

I wanted to ask if development is still active for this project. And how frequent are the updates? I also went to the About Chrome page, but it didn't check for an update. If an update is released, how is it possible to apply the update? Do I have to download the entire package from the website again?

Thank you in advance for replying ♥

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Re: Update Procedure

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Hello, development still active and updates depend on google's work, I try to release very stable versions only so you can expect an update every 6 months, right now v84 is kinda buggy so you can try the older one, this is not my fault, google developers are on bad foot.

Advanced Chrome won't update itself, you can suscribe to the update thread to receive emails of new versions, you just need to download the zip and extract, I hate automatic updates, we need to learn from all the mistakes made by microsoft and google releasing crazy betas.

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