Safe to use?

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Safe to use?

Post by royalbugas »

I'm planning to use this as my main browser and do a google sync because of the sole reason for the font rendering.
So far this is the best browser that doesnt hurt my eyes and the font rendering is better than Google.
I want to ask if it is safe to use in terms of privacy like passwords sync?

Thank you!

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Re: Safe to use?

Post by admin »

Hello, sync feature is untouched so it works exactly as google chrome, at this point I haven't heard of any password leak or vulnerability on their servers so I currenty have sync enabled.

About advanced chrome vulnerabilities they will be on par with google chrome so we depend on chromium developers, advanced chrome is almost like stock google chrome with some improvements and no virus included, I don't know how many people are currently using this browser but monthly downloads are around 3,000 and being online for a very long time.

Thanks for your comments, glad you like the browser :D

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